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I recently worked a lot of overtime. What that means for my employer is that they paid me extra to come to work on my days off. What that means for me is that I had two days off last month and next week my pay packet will be bigger than average. The extra pay is handy as like everyone I have bills to pay,but also I get the grinding realisation that I am trading my life to get this extra pay - no days off. To carry on day after day getting up at 5am and coming home at 6:45pm requires persistance and determination.

My Lent course this year is about a man called William Wilberforce who was instrumental in abolishishing the slave trade in the UK two hundred years ago. His was a task that went against the grain poitically, socially and economically at the time. I cannot believe that he didn't suffer for his cause or put in long hours. His determination must have been considerable even with the support of his friends.

My last blog was about encouraging one another and accepting encouragement. Not much good being encouraged if you are going to give up trying. No one, even Jesus, pretends that life will be easy or straight forward. But if you are ever going to achieve something you must be determined. This message applies to even the simplest thing like giving up smoking. Being a Christian is task in itself and it is fraught with temptations that will pull you away from God if you let them.

It's relatively simple to be a Christian, all the instructions you need are in the bible and can easily be taught at Alpha courses or picked up in Church groups. The trick is being determined to stay the course. Lent is a time to reflect on this and give yourself a sort of spiritual spring clean. Just as with William Wilberforce you are working towards a great goal, so with the encouragement of your church or family or friends, be determined. Then once you are tell God, it will be welcome news.

Peace Dave

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