Drop Effect

Lent is an odd time, it can easily become a time of isolation. People tend to take time out to think, pray and generally be alone with God and their thoughts. It can also be a time of isolation as well as solitude because suddenly you are not doing the same things as everyone else. As a general rule the feeling of isolation is not good.

Often people that have a faith can feel isolated in society and that they can have no effect in the world. You sometimes hear phrases such as "I'm just one drop in the ocean" or "what difference can I make". Truthfully some people all on their own can effect many people. But more usually it takes a group of people working together. One drop in an ocean is nothing, but an ocean of drops is powerful thing.

The trick is to remember that we are all connected and that we do all effect one another. In my Lent course I am studying the faith of William Wilberforce, who was famed for the abolition of Slavery in the UK two centuries ago - check my recent blogs. There must have been times for him when the going got hard and the political struggle seemed unending. At times like this he must have felt isolated and like he could do no good. The truth is that he did do massive good and his actions affected other people who supported him and drew great strength from his actions. They still do, Martin Luther King was just one. But William did not achieve this alone, other people implemented his dream and other people kept it alive.

In this day and age we have more capacity to connect with one another and more capacity to help one another than ever. People working in charities at places of great need look for people elsewhere to support them. People living in great distress appreciate the caring contact that they receive from others. You can do things directly for your neighbours or indirectly by supporting charities or just giving to them. The possibilities are endless and if you decide to do something you will be joining a great mass of people that express their faith by "doing something".

Instead of allowing yourself to feel alone against the world, become a drop in a mighty ocean and let the good that you pass on wash up on another shore altogether.

Peace Dave

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