Be Determined

Lent is a time of learning and growth. Being a Christian I try to spend time in Lent improving myself. I usually give up alcohol as this helps me to maintain a clear mind. But Lent, despite what you may have heard is not just about about denial. Like most I am following a Lent course which if you have read my previous posts you will know is about William Wilberforce and his faith.
The course seeks to portray values that we could inherit personally by examining the values of William Wilberforce in the light of his faith. He was instrumental in stopping the trade in slaves two hundred years ago and was driven to this by his personal beliefs. It is what he believed that made his opinions differ from those around him. As a person he was defined by what he believed in.
In this day and age there is a great temptation not to believe in anything, especially if you live in the well to do part of the globe. The Bible offers many good moral outlooks and is rich in stories of what is right and wrong, good or bad. Reading the bible and getting to know it offers a way that my faith can determine me, that is work me out and make me something new. What it is and what it does is the great challenge of Lent.
Being determined by any set of values requires me to understand them well and try hard to live by them. This can be awkward, costly and even painful, people do not always understand. William Wilberforce would have known this all too well. But despite this he followed his faith and was determined by it. So, don't just be determined in faith, be determined by faith.

Peace Dave

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